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The untold story of how the Jewish survivors got reparations for the holocaust.

They called it Plan C.

A Novel by David Armstrong

The Story

In 1945, fifty strangers, all survivors of the holocaust bonded together seeking revenge for what they knew to be justified, their plan was to kill six million Germans. They called themselves the Nakam. Their first two attempts failed.

During the war, Ludwig Klimek did what he could. He helped those that no one would help. He escaped his captors without ever knowing who was hunting him. He created a plan that he knew he would not live to see executed. He was an immigrant that created the secret code to finally get the justice that six million people needed and the remaining few wanted.

In 2021, fifty strangers with mysterious tattoos are brought together to decipher the code they had no idea they were a part of for the last seventy-five years. It would not fail this time.

The Characters

Ludwig Klimek

Ludwig is a survivor. Born poor, he thrived in the polish ghetto before the war, and quietly led the rebels within during the war. He was captured, escaped with a child of a Nazi that loved him and he decided he would do something. He also knew he'd never live to see it get done, but he knew he could trust those that had trusted him.

Joseph Metzger

Joseph wants the world to be a better place. His ideas have been used in the past, his methods are now more modern. He doesn't know what he is. When others find out, he decides to activate his dormant plan.

Otto Schmidt

Otto escaped as his faithful Nazi friends were captured by the altruistic Americans soldiers. He wanted to fight, but knew his plan was in the future. He changed his name, fixed his German accent, burned his past and arrived like so many others on the shores of America, with a scared look of hope in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. Only he knew he was faking it.

Henry Pittard

Henry had seen more than he wanted to and more than he asked. The American's were impatient, his boss, the British MI6 were smart, but naive. He went into Germany not knowing what he'd find. He was an expert at cryptology. What he found was that the Allies almost lost the war. Then he saw what other didn't, a plan for the future by those that shouldn't have survived.

Sarah Margana

Sarah speaks her mind. She is a seeker of truth which has driven her to be a self-taught documentary film maker. She sees details others ignore, investigates the history of justice not done and exposes both the truth and the people behind it. She turns what some see as conspiracy theories into facts and then history. She is relentless, most people don't like her, a few important people respect her, those in shadows, fear her.

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Release Date: TBD

Why TBD?

The book itself is about a very controversial topic and currently global Antisemitism is very bad. I did not want to fuel it, nor have my story used in any way. The book is not about antisemitism, yet some of the plot lines have historical roots in truth. And if you are a reader of my other books, there is a fine line between justice and revenge.

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About The Author

David Armstrong is a dad of three kids and a husband to a wonderful wife. He has lived multiple lives in one. Growing up in a small town near Philadelphia, serving in the US Air Force, serving as a combat veteran, then a corporate drone and tech entrepreneur. He is a first-generation American. He has never given up on what should be. He defines himself as a former rebel, now a renegade.

David has a strong sense of justice. He doesn’t really know where it came from, but it has been with him ever since he was a young boy. His earliest memories are of debating with someone about what should be. He would always then, and even now, get the advice or response of, well, that is how it is. He despises this response. He has never given up but has failed more than he has succeeded in his pursuit of justice. He does know, good or bad, he has always been willing to try.

The Justified Series

The world in which we live forces us to choose. We first have to choose right from wrong, then we must choose to act or not. There is a fine line between justice and revenge. You choose, you decide. Be careful.